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Subject: Re: P.L.U.R.
From: matt kober (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 11:36:14 EDT

--- a l an b am f o rd <> wrote:
> gabbling on about Re: Beijing matt was heard to
> mutter...
> > P.L.U.R. in '99,
> > M@
> the Watson in me couldnt help but note this little
> clue here.... you into
> techno?

Ahhh.. P.(eace), L.(ove), U.(nity), R.(espect)...

Y'know.. long before the mainstream acceptance of techno, the Rave
scene was actually adherent to the above acronym.. (like '89-'93, i'm

Now , of course we have the all-nighter clubs, and Rave "fashion" that
have all but killed off this sentiment.

Kinda parallels the commodification of the sixties counterculture.. by
the time everyone knew about it, it was over.

M.(oney) U.(niformity) D.(rugs) A.(pathy)
seems to describe this world better now...

(still a lot of great music being made, tho!)


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