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Subject: Fwd: Tr : call for submissions
From: Yves Gigon (ygigon@videotron.ca)
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 11:32:44 EDT

Recu a la CEC:
Received at the CEC:

>s e n d + r e c e i v e : a f e s t i v a l o f s o u n d <002>
>Call for Submissions:
>Deadline for Submissions: September 15, 1999
>Video Pool is a non-profit, charitable, Artist-Run Centre dedicated to
>independent video, audio and computer integrated multimedia production and
>distribution. send + receive is Video Pool's annual festival of sound which
>will take place November 14-20, 1999. send + receive will consist of live
>performance, audio installations, radio works, internet performances,
>workshops and presentations.
>send + receive does not purport a single theoretical or curatorial premise
>in hopes of encouraging a festival of far-reaching and widespread
>investigations. Interested artists are invited to submit proposals to
>participate in the festival in the various categories listed below. Both
>emerging and established artists are encouraged to participate.
>Live Performance Series:
>The live performance series will consist of concerts held in various
>locations in downtown Winnipeg. Participants can include solo artists,
>ensembles or groups. The focus on the performance series will be
>experimental and/or improvisational electronic and acoustic music or
>Internet Performance:
>This year 's festival will feature internet performance(s) as part of its
>line-up. Those interested in online music and sound work
>creation/dissemination are encouraged to apply.
>Radio Series:
>The radio series will be broadcast by CKUW at the University of Winnipeg
>and will take place over the week of the festival. Submissions for the
>radio series could include audio works created for broadcast, radio plays,
>documentaries, etc. There is no strict limitation to the length of the
>Audio Installations:
>The installation component of the festival consists of audio installations
>which will be installed in various locations in downtown Winnipeg.
>Workshop Series:
>One of the goals of send + receive is to provide local artists and
>interested individuals with the opportunity to interact with visiting
>artists. Workshop proposals are welcome. A list of equipment and studio
>facilities available can be viewed at the Video Pool website
>Submissions should include audio samples (CD or -R, Cassette, DAT, vinyl)
>of the artists work and an artist' s statement and bio/review material.
>Please address submissions to: For more information visit:
>send + receive
>c/o Video Pool http://www.videopool.mb.ca/
>#300-100 Arthur Street email the coordinator at:
>Winnipeg, MB R3B 1H3 sbates@uwinnipeg.ca

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