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Subject: Re: Beijing
From: matt kober (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 11:12:42 EDT

> Cultural exchange is good as it gets alternative
> views into the country and
> allows at least some of the people to experience
> difference.

damn straight... why should artists (Chinese or otherwise) be the
unwilling sufferers of a boycott? You want to boycott anyone, how
about corporations like Microsoft, who uses prison labour (so does
Starbucks)? How about the fact that every plastic product you see and
use during your average day has been assembled in very unfavourable and
dangerous conditions (usually in china)? Should I break my Debussy
albums and burn the last DJ Cam lp because of the french nuclear tests?

        Were there boycotts of cultural events here in montreal after
Bourassa's heavy-handed reaction to the Khanesetake uprising? (i really
don't know.. were there?)
        This is a case, i think , of casting the first stone...

Artists should be the LAST people to be boycotted for the sake of
alterior political motives... we've always provided a large and
significant dissenting voice. Books, music, Poetry, art... these are
the aesthetic trojan horses that carry messages and warnings to each
other and to future generations.

  Maybe a more apt form of protest in this case would be to make a
piece that addresses the mistreatment of animals in zoos around the
this would be more constructive.

 Communication and cooperation!

P.L.U.R. in '99,
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