Re: Beijing

Subject: Re: Beijing
From: Miriam Rainsford (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 10:31:29 EDT

Alan wrote:
In my limited experience I agree that cultural boycotts have little effect.

Commercial ons can bite however... can we remember Apartheid?...great
commercial considrations flowing out of the banned trade with that country
were a major element in Bothas initial opening up to change.

Cultural exchange is good as it gets alternative views into the country and

allows at least some of the people to experience difference. <<

And cultural boycotts are hurting the people we want to help most: damaging
to those suffering under a regime, instead of commercial boycotts which
work at the regime itself. In participating in a cultural exchange we can
offer support those people who are suffering under oppression.

Miriam Rainsford

  E-mail from: Miriam Rainsford, 18-Aug-1999

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