Re: Beijing

Subject: Re: Beijing
From: Simon Atkinson (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 09:50:27 EDT

"we're funny creatures, we westerners..."

...and again, yesterday, the US and British bombed Iraq and our
continued illegal almost-war (since, no doubt we don't want to
spend too many $$$) of attrition...19 civilians killed it seems.
...and again, almost entirely unreported in the western press.

so, re recent comments on the computer music conference in china,
i suggest that we can't make speculations of this nature against
the entire cultural world of a country - only against the political.
frustrating, but otherwise we westerners become not just "funny
creatures" but two-faced shameless hypocrites...

...should we boycott our own cultural activities in Scotland, US,
Canada, because we don't like what our governments do?

...our perhaps we _really_ believe that our regimes are the true,
just "policemen-of-the-world", and as citizens of those countries
we are by default the arbiters of world morality...


simon atkinson

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