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Subject: Re: Beijing
From: Chris Rolfe (
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 01:02:12 EDT

The general consensus seems to be that feeding practices at the Beijing zoo
are below the boycott radar screen.

And to my mind, the positive gains from apolitical cultural and technical
exchange outweigh any moral imperative over such a relatively narrow

I'm interested though:

Is anyone else conscientiously objecting, or have any misgivings about the
conference in China (perhaps so soon after the 10th anniversary of the
still-denied brutality at Tienammen Square)?

I'm not attending, but only because of my schedule. When I WAS hoping to
attend, I did a bit of ethical calculus, and figured it was ok. Though
engaging China is often a euphemism for "doing business" with China,
cultural exchange seems to have broad support among the
expatriate/dissident community.

On the other, I probably WOULD boycott any event in any country in the
immediate aftermath of a spectacularly repressive crackdown. So I'm not
sold on the apolitical point of view in all circumstances. It's a question
of timing.

And I didn't dig into the organization of the '99 ICMC. Do Chinese
artists/researchers require permission to attend? IE, is domestic
attendance being regulated? Any cases of composers who, as dissidents, are
unwelcome at the conference? That, I think, would be cause for concern,
and in any case, a reasonable question to ask of the organizers.


>I notice that several composers intend to travel to Beijing for certain
>musical events.
>In my opinion, we musicians from the west should boycott China because of
>the dreadful
>treatment of cows in Beijing zoo. LIVE COWS ARE FED TO THE LIONS AT
>The zoo owners think it is entertaining to watch.
>If you travel to Beijing you are spending money in a city that promotes
>such horror.
>Please do not go.
>Carey Nutman ( composer )

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