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Subject: Re: (non)academic music and gender issues, etc
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Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 10:14:33 EDT

gabbling on about (non)academic music and gender issues, etc Hannah was heard to mutter...

> Another strange phenomenon in the world of electronic dance music is that so much composers of electronic dance /
> ambient music are saying (without further explanation) to be influend by
> the Greatest White Male Modernist Composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, while I
> do not perceive any relation of their music to the music of Stockhausen.

there are sevearl points of contact with Stockhausen, if not s much with his compositional methods and innovations.

S is interested in the cosmos, its ordering, operation and its interrelation
with our existence. Themes along these lines are of considerable influence
in the techno and trance scenes in Europe, Japan and Australia. S set the
example of the quest for the new sound being of crucial importance in the
process of composing and as an inspiratonal source, another area of
shared concern.

Kraftwerk acknowledge S as a seminal influence and Kraftwerk are the
basic source for the compositional methods of techno.

S was also intrested in the minutae of the characteristics of a sound,
another aspect of techno production, in particular the minimal techno from
Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

In converstaions with young people I know in and around the fringes of the
techno world the words 'influenced' and 'inspired' can be interchangeable ...
I met a girl once who said she was at a friends place and had heard
Kontakte. After, she had gone home and looked S up on the net and read
a lot of stuff over the next week. She got a few records out from her local
library and did a bit of listening more and, naturally, burnt a few CDs for

about a month after hearing S for the first time she had finished a track
using minute fractions of massed choirs as melodic sequences and if I
was a reviewr Id call it tech step. She reckons its all beceause she heard
Stockhausen at her friends place. Entirely legit in my view and Im sure it
happens all the time.

There are, also no doubt, far more 'legitimate' instances of the 'high art
Greatest White Male Modernist Composer' type lineage of method,
aesthetic and conceptual content type of influence at work as well. Techno
people rarely give a rats arse about this sort of thing attention spans being
so short an' all...

> have a strong feeling that with this reference, these electronic dance /
> ambient composers are looking for academic prestige.

Hardly...who with... most of the people who enjoy this music think
electronic music started with Planet Rock and there's very little to be
gained by successful electronic dance composers garnering academic
prestige from people who can offer them little and are less interested in
doing so.

(See Iara Lee's film
> "Modulations", for example; there are only male composers/producers being
> interviewed there btw.)
I agree.. the fact is though that there are relatively few women invol;ved in
making it. By percentage Australia does rather well with people like Nicole
Skeltys,B(i)ftek, Amelia Barden, Jandy Rainbow, Deborah Petrovich, the E
from Little Nobody vs E, Netochka... and thats just my little circle...

whatever, the e music scene is on the same planet as the rest of the world and lo
and behold reflects the same social quirks as do a miriad of other activities.
Oddly enough, here in Melbourne if I were to name my top 10 fave DJs, 7 are women.

Heres a potty theory.... making E music in the home studio way is a very
solitary and obsessive business. Nearly every person I know who does it
spend what are, by general standards, much more time alone in their
rooms working away than do people who dont so this thing spend similar
amounts of isolated time. Women, especially when the foundations for this
stuff is often laid during mid to late teenage years, are far more likely to
find being social and with their peers more atractive. I reckon this general
tendency, and Im a parent of a teenager, is not too much of an over
generalisation and perhaps gives boys a head start so that when a girl
might get the itch a bit later she finds the 'scene' populated by late teens
and early 20's boys who may not exactly drop all their laddishness when
the chick asks how its done...

Another more interesting question for me is why, when some women I
have observed being very successful on their own terms in this
field...techno and left field techno Im talking here, dress like hollywood
starlets when they perform?.... this really bugs me... Neotropic is a glaring
exception to this and it was her show here a few months ago that alerted
me to this thing Id just been accepting..


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