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Subject: Re: Beijing
From: naw (
Date: Sun Aug 15 1999 - 11:32:10 EDT

Umm I really dought that the zoo owners will really be affected bya
boycott from such a small group as our. This is ridiculous to even post
on this list. Talk about your your over political correctness.
Im a Vegan and Ive been an animal activist and environmentalist since
the mid 80s and I would not boycott Beijing as a composure as a tourist
sure but as a composure I dont think it would hold much weight.
A boycott as a Tourist would hold much more weight.

CNutmanMPS wrote:
> I notice that several composers intend to travel to Beijing for certain
> musical events.
> In my opinion, we musicians from the west should boycott China because of
> the dreadful
> treatment of cows in Beijing zoo. LIVE COWS ARE FED TO THE LIONS AT
> The zoo owners think it is entertaining to watch.
> If you travel to Beijing you are spending money in a city that promotes
> such horror.
> Please do not go.
> Carey Nutman ( composer )


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