Re: Beijing

Subject: Re: Beijing
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Sun Aug 15 1999 - 06:07:54 EDT

Even being vegetarian and decidedly loving animals I consider the injustice done the
human inhabitants of the people's republic being of slightly greater importance.
However, apart from the fact that the zoo's pitiful circumstances cannot be
extrapolated, I think that seeking communication and dialogue is the better way
rather than cutting someone dead, with the conference's after all bearing the
possibility to Chinese students and colleagues to attend concerts and to access
(unfiltered) information of a recent and highly professional level.
Alexandra Hettergott.

>Carey Nutman ( composer ) wrote :

>I notice that several composers intend to travel to Beijing for certain
>musical events.
>In my opinion, we musicians from the west should boycott China because of
>the dreadful
>treatment of cows in Beijing zoo. LIVE COWS ARE FED TO THE LIONS AT
>The zoo owners think it is entertaining to watch.
>If you travel to Beijing you are spending money in a city that promotes
>such horror.
>Please do not go.
>Carey Nutman ( composer )

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