Octophonic first

Subject: Octophonic first
From: Larry Austin (austin@sndart.cemi.unt.edu)
Date: Fri Aug 13 1999 - 11:22:38 EDT

Dear friends and students of tape music:

A leading question--win a prize (er, my thanks)!

What was the first octophonic tape piece?

I define "octophonic" as 8 channels of pre-recorded
sound to be performed with 8 (or a multiple of 8) speakers
placed strategically about/around the audience, so that
an octophonic, spatial sound texture is intended/perceived.

Please give a complete citation with your answer, including
the name of the piece, its composer(s), date of composition,
date and place of first octophonic performance, and technical
data, if known.

Octophony forever!

Larry Austin

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