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Subject: Fwd: Cyberslag Foundation
From: Yves Gigon (ygigon@videotron.ca)
Date: Fri Aug 13 1999 - 10:39:50 EDT

Recu a la CEC:
Received at the CEC:

>Dear Sir or Madam:
>The Open Electronic Festival is an annual multiple-day event that
>focuses on electronic music and media art. The festival is organised
>by the Cyberslag Foundation (grounded in 1998), and takes place in the
>City of Groningen, The Netherlands. Besides organising the festival
>the Foundation also organises concerts and exhibitions throughout the
>year on several locations in Groningen.
>The main focus of the Cyberslag Foundation is presenting an overview
>of both traditional and actual developments in the electronic arts. We
>are internationally oriented and are interested in all electronic
>As music director of the Cyberslag Foundation this means I'm as much
>interested in classical electronics as in intelligent techno plus
>everything in between. The performance-program of last year's festival
>can be seen at our website (www.cyberslag.com).
>For our third festival (december 2000), plus other events (october
>1999-october 2000), we're looking for artists who might be interesting
>for us to be part of the program. I would like to ask you to keep us
>informed about artists, releases and performance-schedules.
>Recordings (CD, tape, MD, video pal/ntsc), biographies and other
>information can be sent to:
>Cyberslag Foundation
>Jeroen de Boer/music director
>Munnekeholm 10
>9711 JA Groningen
>The Netherlands
>Tel. 0031 (0)50-3637513
>Fax. 0031 (0)50-3632209
>Email. J.T.de.Boer@let.rug.nl
> Usva-th1@bureau.rug.nl
>Information on the World Wide Web:
>I'm looking forward to receiving your material.
>Jeroen de Boer

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