Opinions on computer recording

Subject: Opinions on computer recording
From: Geoffroy Montel (Geoffroy.Montel@cnet.francetelecom.fr)
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 07:56:12 EDT

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Bonjour a tous,

Je suis a la recherche d'une configuration materielle pour faire
de l'enregistrement multi-pistes en AMATEUR.
J'ai deja un sequenceur MIDI sur mon Amiga qui me convient
tres bien (malheureusement trop inconnu).

Je pensais acheter un PC avec une bonne carte son et Cool Edit Pro
mais je ne connais personne avec une telle configuration. Je ne suis
pas fan de Windows et ai entendu parler de nombreux problemes de
synchro MIDI ou sonore.

Il y a aussi l'alternative Mac qui me parait plus chere, et de
nombreuses personnes me disent que les Mac plantent beaucoup

Est ce que vous pouvez me faire part de vos experiences?

D'avance merci


Copies de courtoisie a Pierre Couprie et Roel Meelkop



I'm looking for a computer recording solution. I'm just an amateur.
I've already got an Amiga who runs a fine MIDI sequencer.

I've thought of buying a PC with a good soundcard (which one?) and
Cool Edit Pro but I don't know anyone who has such a configuration.
I don't really like Windows and I was told there was some MIDI
sync problems with it. Is it true?
There's also the Mac alternative but it seems a lot more expensive
and I was also told that the Mac aren't what they used to be: they
often crash.

Could you share your experience with either of this configurations?
Please keep in mind I'd like to be as cheap as possible.
(so I don't think ProTools is a good idea :))

Many thanks in advance,



PS: I talked about some eclipse recordings some dozens of days ago.
I tried to record some things, but although I was on a clear and not
overcrowded area, I didn't manage to get some very interesting
recordings. Anyway, I found this recording useful enough to keep
the mental impression retained and recalled. Musique concrete
RuLEs!! :)
All the best

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