Gold Brick interface

Subject: Gold Brick interface
From: dave solursh (
Date: Wed Aug 11 1999 - 21:40:43 EDT

Howdy yall, I have enjoyed all responces regarding the Power glove
Question. I am in need of help again, I have found a glove, ready for
love, but now need a partner. It is called the Gold Brick interface and
seems to be needed by max to translate the data, to data that Max Can use.
Can I use an alternative interface to hook up the glove and still use the
glove object? I have recived info on how to build translaters, but am not
sure that they will be usefull with MAX.

        Where can I find info on where to obtain a Gold Brick???? web or

        From what I have read in the Max Manual, it seems that the glove
object only reads the position of the glove (x,Y,Z) but not the fnger
movement of the fingers or the buttons. Am I corect? if so do we rewire
the finger outut into the serial or abd port as ASCI or something?

        The more info the better, bring it on. Thankx, Little Dave.


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