Re: Geoffroy, what's bad about MZR55?

Subject: Re: Geoffroy, what's bad about MZR55?
From: Geoffroy Montel (
Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 02:52:08 EDT


> In a recent message to the list you described the Sony MZR50 as good and
> MZR55 as bad... why?
> Is it the recording quality or the features which make the 55 unappealing?


Sorry for the delay, my provider was down for almost a week :(

Well, the MZ-R55 is not a good machine IN MY OPINION, because:
1. although it's very pretty, it's a bit too small and the buttons
   are hard to press
2. the most important issue: the battery life: you have to reacharge
   it for 3 hours to only get 2,5 hours of recording or 4 hours of
   playing!!! That's awfull! In comparison, all the other recorders
   can at least do 10 hours of playing and 4 hours of recording for
   a 2 hours charging. With such a small capacity, you can't bring
   your recorder with you for a trip in the forest, for example.
   Furthermore, the battery is not LI-ON, so that you have the
   dreaded battery's "memory effect" (it means that you have to
   recharge your battery when it's completely empty. the LI-ON
   batteries don't have any memory effect: there are shipped with
   MZ-R50, Aiwa and Sharp MiniDisc recorders)
3. at last but not least, there are a number of users who have
   reported the so-called PHANTOM PROBLEM, which consists in:
   - the r55 starts to record during charging assuming that
     a MD is in the r55
   - If there is no disc the r55 starts recording but can't so
     therefore it stops charging
   Some SONY centers know about it, and if you have a garanty, they
   will exchange the circuit board, but it can take 3 weeks.

That's why, for its price, I really wouldn't recommend a MZ-R55.
Anyway, it sounds great when it works and when it's not charging :)

The MZ-R50 sounds the same, has better battery life, is very
reliable (but it's not that small).

If you are working on ea, you should take a look at the AIWA, I got
one and I'm very satisfied of it.

Hope it helps,


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