Re: Technical Question: New G3s and Max/MIDI

Subject: Re: Technical Question: New G3s and Max/MIDI
From: dave solursh (
Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 01:10:45 EDT

Jose wrote:
>Old Audiomedia III card releases do not work in new G3. You must install a
>new revision. I can't remember now which one. I'm now waiting for a new
>revision of Audiomedia III card. The old one experience was a great
>disaster : system crashed sadly when it was booting.
>Anyway, remember you need DigiSystem Init 3.4.2, Digidesign Sound Drivers
>3.4.2 and DAE 3.4.2 to work with Audiomedia III on a B&W G3.

How can you tell if the card is an old version, I am looking to upgrade (to
a blue and white) and was hoping to purchase a used AM3, as they are cheap.
Is there a way to tell before hand if they will work or not. Can you get
a old version revised? ie. new firm ware or something?
        Little Dave.


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