Re: Technical Question: New G3s and Max/MIDI

Subject: Re: Technical Question: New G3s and Max/MIDI
From: jose manuel berenguer (
Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 23:05:34 EDT


I bought two weeks ago a Blue & White 400 MZ G3.

What Javier Ruiz is telling is absolutely true. Nice information.

Concerning MAX/MSP, it runs very well.

Concerning MIDI USB interface, I've tested MIDIMAN and it works very well
(it comes with USB cable). There is no any problem using I-Cube interface.

I've not already tested serial communication with old devices as PIC's and
BStamps. I need a USB to Serial adapter, but now, in hollidays, here, is
impossible to buy such a thing (and summer it's to much hot to build one
myself :-)

Be aware with PCI audio cards... As I've tested, Yamaha DS2416 does not
work with MSP, even if you use ASIO drivers

Old Audiomedia III card releases do not work in new G3. You must install a
new revision. I can't remember now which one. I'm now waiting for a new
revision of Audiomedia III card. The old one experience was a great
disaster : system crashed sadly when it was booting.

Anyway, remember you need DigiSystem Init 3.4.2, Digidesign Sound Drivers
3.4.2 and DAE 3.4.2 to work with Audiomedia III on a B&W G3.

Best regards

Jose Manuel

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