Re: Technical Question: New G3s and Max/MIDI

Subject: Re: Technical Question: New G3s and Max/MIDI
From: Javier Ruiz (
Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 19:47:31 EDT

Hope the info below will help you a bit. Originally I sent it to the Finale
Javier Ruiz.

> But ... we want to run Max/MSP on a G3/350 and I was wondering about the
> best solution to MIDI on these things, given the USB bus. We wondered
> about getting a PCI serial card, and then running a Studio 4 off it (we
> have one around, you see). Has anyone had experience (good or bad) with
> MIDI ob these things?
> Robert

MIDI with iMac or a Blue & White G3 (aka Yosemite)

------To get MIDI data into a Blue & White G3:

1) Buy a Serial port adapter that fits in the modem port (companies Griffin
and Stealth make these things), then use any MIDI interface you may have,
even a sound module with serial interface included.


2) If you have a free PCI slot:
Buy a Remus PCI card with 2 or 4 serial ports. It claims to work with "old"
serial MIDI interfaces made by MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn).

or better...
(you may want to leave the modem port for the modem and PCI slots are needed
for ProTools 24!)...

3) Buy a USB MIDI interface from
Midiman (, model USB Midisport 2x2
Opcode (, models Midiport 32, Midiport 64 or Midiport 128
Roland (, model SMPU-64
Emagic (, model AMT8

Remember to check if the USB cable is included or not.

BUT DONT EVER buy a Keyspan USB-to-serial converter. It doesn´t work for

------To get MIDI data into an iMac:

Buy a USB MIDI interface from
See list above

DONT buy a Keyspan USB-to-serial converter.

------To work reliably in both machines

1) Install MacOs 8.6 and any firmware upgrades available.

2) Get Opcode Music System OMS 2.3.7 an install it.

3) Get latest drivers for your MIDI interface and install them (remember
that certain files go in the OMS folder inside the System folder)

4) And remember to use Finale 98d (Finale 97 not checked, may work, Finale
2000 nobody knows)

------To print to Epson USB-printers.

Read the latest articles on that in the Apple Tech Site.

if you have already a USB printer _and_ an external USB-ZIP you will need a
USB-Hub (50 or 60 $) to connect the MIDI interface, unless you enjoy the
plug and un-plug game. Buy it with the MIDI interface and save backaches.

Javier Ruiz, composer
phone: 34 922 54 29 31

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