LINK#5_Call for sound: Hysteria

Subject: LINK#5_Call for sound: Hysteria
From: steve bradley (
Date: Sun Aug 08 1999 - 17:47:45 EDT

Call for sounds of Hysteria.
Audio CD to be included in the next issue of LINK#5, Hysteria.

Artists should submit sound works which address the topic of hysteria
ranging from the serious to the delirious, the obvious to the oblique, the
prosaic to the poetic. Artists might want to question the mytho-medical
etymology of the terms and its gender specificity; investigate the meaning
of hysteria in worlds as different as the mental health system and the
comedy club (but are they so different?); examine possible links between
such worlds.

Link: A Critical Journal on the Arts in Baltimore and the World is a
journal dedicated to progressive, serious, and eccentric writings about
art. A Baltimore-based publication, inclusive of the arts and artists in
our area and around the world. Nurturing writers and serving the local arts
community are central to the journal's goal of enhancing critical dialogue
about the arts in Baltimore, as they are situated in a national and
international context. <>

- Media accepted: audio CD, DAT (44.1 kHz), mini-disk, zip/syquest (.aiff
Please include a 200 word statement about the audio work, an artist
statement, and exact duration of work sumbitted. If you would like the
returned please include return postage.

- Duration limits: 1-10 mins.

- Deadline: October 17, 1999

- Selected artists will be notified by November 1st

Send to:
Steve Bradley, Assit. Prof. Visual Arts
LINK#5: Hysteria audio CD
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Visual Arts Department
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, Maryland 21250

- Questions or removal from this list: Steve Bradley <>


Steve Bradley, Assis. Prof. of Visual Art
Univ. of Maryland Balti. County, FA219C
Visual Arts Dept., 1000 Hilltop Circle,
Baltimore, MD 21250 USA
410.455.2721* Fax 410.455.1053*

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