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Subject: Re: The language of Power Glove
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Date: Sun Aug 08 1999 - 13:47:00 EDT


Max has already an embeded object called Glove which can be used to receive
data from a Mattel Power Glove via a Gold Brik interface.

you could ask about this hardware at

Transfinite Systems Co. Inc,
PO Box N
MIT Branc Post Office
Cambridge MA zip02139

(you also could browse for a while at MIT site...)

anyway i've heard some years ago that Mattel Power Glove was no more

Laetitia Sonami works with a glove... I thing interface is a device made at
Steim foundation.., you could also browse at Steim site... (
you can find this at Altavista or any other search engine). You have, sure,
heard something about the "hands" done at Steim.

there are other ways to have interactive control of sound aspects with Max.
this are I-Cube from Infusion Systems ( altavista
always has the good address), Pavo Tools (, I think) and

I-Cube ships with two max objects (iCube and oCube) to receive and send
information through this device... you can connect any sensor there, as the
flex sensors used in comercial gloves at Jameco (

if you do prefer the lowest level way, you can build a very simple
interface with a small Basic Stamp Parallax microcontroller
( which talks with Max via a serial port and the Max
Serial object.

if you are interested on max language, you could subscribe its mail list.
send to LISTSERV@VM1.MCGILL.CA a message containing in its body the chain
SIGNIN MAX, you will receive messages in a digest form.

hope this helps

josť manuel

>Howdy, I have heard and read (and seemed to have forgotten) about musicians
>that use the "Nintendo?" Power Glove to control different aspects of sound.
>I have recently been using Max (an object oriented music program) and was
>thinking that I may be able to use the power glove as well. Do any of you
>have any articles, or know how I can get info regading this wonderfull
>glove. Also, how would I connect the glove to a Macintosh, serial or USB
>or what ever. Also what type of DATA comes out of the thing, I am hopeing
>that I can use Max to tranlate whatever comes out into MIDI data.
> Thankx, when I figure this out, hold onto your hats and remember no
>glove no love!
> Little Dave.
> /
> (----)
> \/

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