Re: About Fumarola, the composer ?

Subject: Re: About Fumarola, the composer ?
From: ag (
Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 00:08:46 EDT

er, niel. note that your "profession" work details are attached as a sig
file on your out of hours account, the one you used to send this post to
the list. this could easily account for the postings you refer to in your


At 02:59 PM 8/4/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Who really give a shit??
>I dont this is personal politics that should not be disscussed over the
>list at all!!!
>Like I said befor this is not very professional and seems to be very
>What do we all play in a sand box or some thing?
>PS whom ever is sending email to my other address from this list in regards
>to this topic, please stop this is a private work address so if you wish to
>communicate privately with me regarding this topic, only send email to this
>address the one I use from private email not my support email
>address which is for work and only for work!!!
>If I continue to recive email at my support address from any one off this
>list I will contact your mail admin for your sever and have you black
>listed for harrasment!!!
>Thank you
>Neil Wiernik <>
>User Support, Web Networks
>401 Richmond St. W. #384
>Phone 416-596-0212 x.50
>Fax 416-596-1374
>Outside Toronto 1-800-932-7003 x.2

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