Re: About Fumarola, the composer ?

Subject: Re: About Fumarola, the composer ?
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 00:12:56 EDT

you know what your not even worth the time if you dont understand what
is wrong with this whole thread, it would be fine if names were not
being named, but they are. It is this aspect of the thread of discussion
that I find unprofessional and childish.
And as far as the sig file I normally do not post from my work email
account this person or persons did some researching to find out my work
email address which I have no idea how he got as my firewall is
inpentratable. I only posted the last one from my work as a result of
having to set the record strait. I am simply stating that I never
wanted to have any thing to do with this thread and Im receiving private
e-mail about it to my personal email addresses I have nothing to do with
the thread other then I think naming names is a bad idea and unprofessional.
I did not wish nor do I want to continue to be part of this thread so
leave me out of this high school lunch time school yard recess mess!!!
Thank you!

Steven Naylor wrote:
> Neil Wiernik wrote:
> >Who really give a shit??
> Actually, I do.
> >I dont this is personal politics that should not be disscussed over the
> >list at all!!!
> >Like I said befor this is not very professional and seems to be very
> >childish.
> While I have found this whole thread quite disturbing, I also think it
> provides interesting and probably useful insight into some of the darker
> moments of the international EA community.
> >If I continue to recive email at my support address from any one off this
> >list I will contact your mail admin for your sever and have you black
> >listed for harrasment!!!
> Why not just send private mail to the 'guilty parties' - thereby perhaps
> avoiding more "personal politics that should not be disscussed over the
> list at all" - and also consider not putting your 'support address' in your
> signature file in postings to this list?
> Regards
> S


__________________________________________________________________ Neil Wiernik

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