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Subject: Re: About Fumarola, the composer ?
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 14:59:08 EDT

Who really give a shit??
I dont this is personal politics that should not be disscussed over the
list at all!!!
Like I said befor this is not very professional and seems to be very
What do we all play in a sand box or some thing?
PS whom ever is sending email to my other address from this list in regards
to this topic, please stop this is a private work address so if you wish to
communicate privately with me regarding this topic, only send email to this
address the one I use from private email not my support email
address which is for work and only for work!!!
If I continue to recive email at my support address from any one off this
list I will contact your mail admin for your sever and have you black
listed for harrasment!!!
Thank you

At 08:34 PM 8/4/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Linda A. Seltzer, matt kober wrote :
>>> I would also like to cite the case documented in
>>> great depth
>>> in years ago of the scientist
>>> in
>>> Concordia who was insulted and mistreated so badly
>>> that he
>>> was provoked into violence.
>>(i'm sorry it's off topic, but...)
>>Valerie Fabrikant shot and killed people with a gun. That's not
>>provoked... that's a latent psychopath.
>Well, not even latent, yet in general this might be a question of frustration
>tolerance -- with the worst case scenario being Adolf Hitler (here we are
>formerly not having been accepted at the Vienna academy of beaux arts (in
>As regards Argentina I am just sharing Kevin Busby's feelings of lurking
for the next
>episode... -- the background of which, while reading J.L.Borges/A.Bioy
>Stories of Bustos Domecq just now, I do not feel to being so completely
>though... (well, to do justice this really might match to the most distant
>only). Well, interesting country, though (and another huge amount of omission
>Best, and peace,
>Alexandra Hettergott.

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