Re: About Fumarola, the composer ?

Subject: Re: About Fumarola, the composer ?
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 14:34:00 EDT

Linda A. Seltzer, matt kober wrote :
>> I would also like to cite the case documented in
>> great depth
>> in years ago of the scientist
>> in
>> Concordia who was insulted and mistreated so badly
>> that he
>> was provoked into violence.
>(i'm sorry it's off topic, but...)
>Valerie Fabrikant shot and killed people with a gun. That's not
>provoked... that's a latent psychopath.
Well, not even latent, yet in general this might be a question of frustration
tolerance -- with the worst case scenario being Adolf Hitler (here we are again)
formerly not having been accepted at the Vienna academy of beaux arts (in painting).
As regards Argentina I am just sharing Kevin Busby's feelings of lurking for the next
episode... -- the background of which, while reading J.L.Borges/A.Bioy Casares'
Stories of Bustos Domecq just now, I do not feel to being so completely fictional,
though... (well, to do justice this really might match to the most distant past
only). Well, interesting country, though (and another huge amount of omission
Best, and peace,
Alexandra Hettergott.

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