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Subject: Re: About Fumarola, the composer ?
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Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 12:23:40 EDT

--- "Linda A. Seltzer" <lseltzer@phoenix.Princeton.EDU> wrote:

> On the subject of not composing, I have gone though
> periods
> of not composing. Especially after the cruelty with
> which
> I was treated by a bunch of jealous and ruthless
> persons in
> my graduate school environment. The fact that
> someone isn't
> composing may say nothing about a person's talent or
> abilities,
> it may be a measure of the degree to which a person
> has been
> attacked, as I was viciously in graduate school. I
> know another
> women composer of computer music who has produced
> very few
> works and I also know that she was treated viciously
> at the
> university where she taught.

This could simply be writer's block. writer's block, in any
discipline, happens to the best of them. Personally, i find the best
way to deal with it is to indulge focus upon a completely different
aspect of creation. Par example, if I haven't been writing songs in
awhile (folk music, my "other" life), to turn attention to the more
esoteric and conceptual EA music. The sheer contrast of approach to
music can stimulate and help the creative process. Works the other way
round, too...

Even focussing on a completely different discipline (photography,
writing, sculpture, bullfighting, tree-hugging...) helps a great deal.
Later on you can return to where you were blocked with new eyes.

> I would also like to cite the case documented in
> great depth
> in years ago of the scientist
> in
> Concordia who was insulted and mistreated so badly
> that he
> was provoked into violence.

(i'm sorry it's off topic, but...)
Valerie Fabrikant shot and killed people with a gun. That's not
provoked... that's a latent psychopath.

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