about Sad, the lackey of Kropfl (WAS:Re: [About Fumarola, the composer ?)

Subject: about Sad, the lackey of Kropfl (WAS:Re: [About Fumarola, the composer ?)
From: Martín (maralefu@usa.net)
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 09:03:21 EDT

I am responding very briefly to the slanderies
and libelious statements of Mr. Jorge Sad, one of
the lackeys and slaves of Francisco Kropfl. Although
he evidently tries to shadow my musical merits I am
not going to do the same with Mr. Sad.

Jorge Sad <sad@canopus.com.ar> wrote:

>Please, before discussing with Fumarola try to take
>in account that he is defintely CRAZY,

in the authoritarian thinking, all people who disagree
with one's opinion are "crazy", "mad", "anormal", etc.

>he tried to Kill Mr. Kropfl with a knife in his
>studio, at LIPM, buenos aires.

complete fantasy. The most serious I had with Mr. Kropfl
were some verbal struggles but no more than that.

>Fumarola never composed a work of music and this is the reason becuase
>he never has been awarded in Bourges or in a contest in his

It is not at all my intention to blow my own trumpet... but
I have composed more than 10 ea/cm pieces, of which 5 of
them either have already been featured in internationally
available CDs (like PRESENCE) or are going to be featured very soon
like the CD to be launched in Russia by "ELectroshock Records"
I have won many prizes in both national and international
competitions being the Bourges contest in which I never won
(and very likely will never win).

>Third: please, ask Fumarola to send you his pieces and the
>discussion will be finshed.

well, I could now show that Mr. Sad is a bit insane since
in a previous paragraph he stated: "Fumarola never composed a work
of music" and now he self-contradicts by expressing
"ask Fumarola to send you his pieces".
And I could forward the good feedback I received from many very
distinguished composers with respect to my pieces...

>Forth: He tried to compare hiself and pretended to share
>his situation with other argentine composers, Dal farra, and iglesias
>Rossi: we can like them or not but they make music, specially
>Alejandro Iglesias Rossi who won important international prizes and is
>recognized in many countries as a serious composer.

the situation I do share with both Dal Farra and Iglesias-Rossi
is that we suffer the discrimination by Mr. Kropfl and
are present in his black books.

>In the case of Martin he was the worst pupil in the
>university class,

I have samples of recommmendation letters written and
signed by all my former Professors of composition,
electroacoustics and musicology, which allowed me to
enter (and win) several grant and scholarship contests.
They are available on request.
But to be the "worst pupil" in a music institution is not
a signal of being a bad composer as in the history of
music there are plenty of cases showing that.

>and in his city there are people who says:
>there are 4 kinds of pupils:
>Excelents, gooods, bads and fumarola.

this is a badintentioned deformation of a statement
done by my former Professor of composition, the late
Cesar Franchisena, who said in 1991:

"there are 4 types of students' pieces in my class:
the good ones, the style-respecting, the bads,
and Fumarola's pieces, because they are written in way
I've never heard in my previous students" (trying to
mean original).



Despite of all the slanderies by Jorge Sad I say that
I like his music and that he's very likely the only
good composer among all lackeys of Mr. Kropfl.

Finally, it is not wise to state that someone "is not
a good composer", it's much better to leave that opinion
to the other professionals subscribed to cecdiscuss. :-)

Best regards,

Martin Fumarola

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