Re: web teaching?

Subject: Re: web teaching?
From: Steven Naylor (
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 02:15:06 EDT

Thanks to those who posted, for some insightful examples of how you have
used the web as a teaching tool. I haven't had time to check sites yet,
but it looks like there is a great deal of interesting work being done.

And to clarify for Dennis, who wrote:
>Frankly I wouldn't be too quick to put it all down as "nothing too
>adventurous". Just remember how it was in 1990!

Yes, that was indeed an unintentionally cynical turn of phrase - and I am
actually not cynical or complacent about it at all. I think what I was
really trying to say was 'the discussion so far has not yet ventured into
the territory I am most curious about'. But now it has.......!

Best wishes


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