Re: web teaching?

Subject: Re: web teaching?
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 00:00:34 EDT

In part ...

>>Web-based education can provide a classroom without walls, and a
>>distributed learning environment. It can also be free of the temporal
>>limitation of 'semesters'. If it's possible to 'time-delay' (sic) tv
>>shows, why not have 'time-delayed' educational opportunities.
>Buzzwords aside, how does freeing the learning environment from time
>constraints allow for physical get-togethers to "work on problems of
>understanding and comprehension"?

Classroom without walls means that the world can come in, and the student
can look around everywhere for what they need.

A distributed learning environment is one in which no one person is
responsible for all of the information. The acoustics part can come from
California, the sound projection from Birmingham. The 'difficulty' for
the traditional teacher is the loss of 'control' (read power) over what
is going on, and the direction that the students are moving. Ther would
be little 'common direction'. This requires teachers who think
differently from many I have met.

(This is a specific comment about 'regular teaching', and in no way is a
commentary on 'master-class' situations with recognized (or unknown)

Regarding 'time-delayed' education, a major issue facing universities, as
degree granting institutions is the one of how to deal with having 20 (or
many more) students in different parts of the same course.

>Anyone use a class-specific discussion group in lieu of meetings
>(scary.......)? I've reached the 'required supplement' stage, but anything
>further seems quite impractical).

All of the EAMT courses at Concordia share a common list, and during the
year (and even now) it is a source of much discussion and information.
Many of the members have not met each other, being in a number of
different sections of different courses. Seems to work fine, esp in
conjunction with other lists (like this and Max etc etc).

More later



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