About Fumarola, the composer ?

Subject: About Fumarola, the composer ?
From: Jorge Sad (sad@canopus.com.ar)
Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 20:38:47 EDT

Dear friends
I'm Jorge Sad, an electroacooustic composer from Argentina.
Some of you may be know me because I lived and study in Montreal for two
years.( in french montreal, so excuse my english).

I received some mails about Francisco Kropfl written by Mister
Fumarola and your answers.
First of all: I dont want to discuss a long time and I dont want to
waste my time because I compose and I don't writte emails all the day,

Please, before discussing with Fumarola try to take in account
that he is defintely CRAZY, he tried to Kill Mr. Kropfl with a knife
in his studio, at LIPM, buenos aires.

Fumarola never composed a work of music and this is the reason becuase
he never has been awarded in Bourges or in a contest in his

Third: please, ask Fumarola to send you his pieces and the discussion
will be finshed.

Forth: He tried to compare hiself and pretended to share
his situation with other argentine composers, Dal farra, and iglesias
Rossi: we can like them or not but
they make music, specially Alejandro Iglesias Rossi who won important
international prizes and is recognized in many countries as a serious
composer. In the case of Martin he was the worst pupil
in the university class, and in his city there are people who says:
there are 4 kinds of pupils:
Excelents, gooods, bads and fumarola.


Thank you.
Jorge Sad


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