Re: web teaching?

Subject: Re: web teaching?
From: David Worrall (
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 11:11:34 EDT

I've been teaching a course in the Physics and Psychophysics of music
for many years and a few years ago I put my notes on the www so that
students could have access to both the accurate text (instead of
writing in lectures and perpetuating mistakes thus introduced.
In addition, it gives them access to audio examples -especially
for the pcysho. stuff which they can listen to as many times as
In general this form of delivery allows precious class time to be
spent discussing the ideas and others related.
Whilst the site is in need of a serious makover, i have been suprised
to learn that a number (15, I think, at last informal count) of courses
elsewhere in the world are using these notes.
One downside is the number of inquiries from the GP on how to
make windchimes etc. In general, though it's been quite +ve.


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