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Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 17:14:04 EDT

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Subject: Re: web teaching?

Hi all.

I've been teaching & coordinating an online MIDI composition program for
school-age students called Composers in Electronic Residence. (Our URL is
below.) It is in a conference/newsgroup format. We exchange MIDI files (the
students submit their work as attachments). The composer/teacher/mentor
types listen to, comment on, and change the files, sending back feedback and
suggestions. One important thing to note about our program is that (for the
most part) there is an actual physical context -- there are classrooms,
students, and teachers. What we send to the students is 'mediated' and
reflected on by the classroom teacher. In this way we are really like
composers "in residence," except we're in residence online. Trevor Owen (who
created Writers in Electronic Residence, which CIER is based on) makes the
distinction between "information technology" and "interaction technology."
We aim to be the latter (with a bit of the former thrown in.) Online
interaction allows for asynchronous discussion (facilitating the
participation of different classrooms & composers around the world in
different time zones and with different schedules, as well as providing time
for reflection, and response preparation -- eg. I can work up a cool MIDI
version as a demonstration to a student of something I'm talking about.)

 I have also taught a fully online course (though in creative writing, not
in music) at the university level -- I was the only "teacher" and there was
no actual classroom. The students were adults & I think that this made a
significant difference -- they were able to operate in a virtual classroom
as if it were a seminar that they attended. I believe that how this
university-level workshop in writing operated would be perfectly
transferable to composition or theory.


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