Re: The language of Power Glove

Subject: Re: The language of Power Glove
From: matt kober (
Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 01:38:20 EDT

hey dave.
I'm not sure if it's the same, but Todd Machover used what he called
the "dextrous hand master" (or something like that) in conjunction with
guitars, percussion and his "hyper-instrument"s for his Bug Mudra piece
in 1989.
I guess the glove measures the dynamics of the composers hand
movements, and influences the sound thru the connected computer system.

now how about hooking up that big grey and orange gun from the old
"duck hunt" game? That'd be something...

nuff rah-spect


--- dave solursh <> wrote:

> Howdy, I have heard and read (and seemed to have
> forgotten) about musicians
> that use the "Nintendo?" Power Glove to control
> different aspects of sound.
> I have recently been using Max (an object oriented
> music program) and was
> thinking that I may be able to use the power glove
> as well. Do any of you
> have any articles, or know how I can get info
> regading this wonderfull
> glove. Also, how would I connect the glove to a
> Macintosh, serial or USB
> or what ever. Also what type of DATA comes out of
> the thing, I am hopeing
> that I can use Max to tranlate whatever comes out
> into MIDI data.
> Thankx, when I figure this out, hold onto
> your hats and remember no
> glove no love!
> Little Dave.
> /
> (----)
> \/

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