Re: The Youth Tag

Subject: Re: The Youth Tag
From: Ian Chuprun (
Date: Sun Aug 01 1999 - 21:12:14 EDT

Back a week I wrote about criteria for a contest or festival concerned with
pieces from young, and emerging artists with the express intention of hosting
a concert for works from people of this group. Having surveyed the replies, I
am more prone to go with the idea of people acting as they see fit, supported
by their peers, (KA) than make a bunch of rules (EL).

Thanks for the input!



> Maybe an emerging artist is someone who thinks they are, and a large
> number of their peers agree?

Eric wrote:

> But that sort of decision making begins to get too arbitrary and hard to
> apply rules to not allow it to get out of hand. Maybe better to limit
> something based on the first time they applied. Five years after their
> first application, they are not longer emerging.

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