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Subject: Sound Travels News
From: Darren Copeland (
Date: Sat Jul 31 1999 - 11:01:36 EDT

Sound Travels will return this fall with residencies at the Banff Centre and
a number of European locations to be announced soon. There will also be
concerts and lectures in Calgary and Toronto, as well as various points in

Sound Travels is an international series of 8-channels diffusion residencies
and concerts facilitated by New Adventures in Sound in collaboration with a
number of presenters and studios worldwide.

There are two documents on the Sound Travels web site that might be of
interest to readers of this list.

There is the Sound Travels FAQ which briefly explains almost everything one
needs to know about Sound Travels and multi-channel diffusion. This article
is intended for both readers familiar and unfamiliar with multi-channel

A draft of a new essay by diffusion software programmer Chris Rolfe has just
been added. This essay will be modified at a later date and moved over to
the CEC webzine eContact as part of a special issue on multi-channel
spatialization. For now, one could read the preliminary version and write
back to Chris Rolfe <> with comments! I should add that this
article has many helpful hints for multi-channel diffusion.

Finally, reviews of Sound Travels concerts from last season, along with
comments from participating composers are included in (or linked from) the
Sound Travels FAQ.

The Sound Travels site can be reached at

Please feel free to contact me for additional information.

Darren Copeland


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