Re: [Re: The Youth Tag]

Subject: Re: [Re: The Youth Tag]
Date: Sun Aug 01 1999 - 07:10:25 EDT

It may have been Javier who wrote: (sorry, there were so many sources
quoted) ...

>It was just a weak complaint about the bare attention paid to the audience.

I'm sorry, but I do not 'catch' what happened. What attention was, or
wasn't paid to the audience? What expectations should or could one have?

There are many hundreds of people who have heard about Bourges but have
never been provided with the opportunity of attending. I, for one, am
interested to know what has led you to these conclusions.

>It is a festival made for themselves, kind of endogamy... Kind of "If people
>want to come to the concerts and listen, it is their fault".

Sadly, an attitude shared by me on many occasions. (Dates only available
upon request.) :(

>For me it was shocking after having made 4.000 km by bus, plane, train and

In Montreal, it would have of course been by BMW (Bus, Metro, Walking)
[Cultural translation Metro = tube].



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