Re: 'IGOR'?

Subject: Re: 'IGOR'?
From: John Oliver (
Date: Sat Jul 31 1999 - 14:51:20 EDT

Thanks Sean,

I went to the IGOR web site and took the web tour of the software. It appears
to be very powerful notation software, however they are still working on it.
There are no demos available for download, just a notification list and a
discussion list. They say it will be ready 'this summer.' Hmmm.

For those considering a new purchase, take a look at this. Note however, that
there is little discussion about how they are implimenting MIDI, and no talk
of audio integration. This is "notation software" that aims to compete with
the likes of Finale, Sibelius, etc.

Sean: do you have any more info about IGOR? Since we're off topic here, please
respond to me personally.

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Sean Ferguson wrote:
> Hi,
> Igor is being written by a company called Noteheads Musical Expert
> Systems. They are based in Sweden and their board of directors includes
> Esa-Pekka Salonen. Interestingly, the program is being written entirely in
> Macintosh Common Lisp.
> For more info, see their website at:
> Sean Ferguson
> On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Robert J. Dow wrote:
> >
> > Sorry - perhaps a little off, but does anyone know about a piece of
> > notation software called 'IGOR' or somesuch?
> >
> > Robert
> >

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