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From: Martín (
Date: Sat Jul 31 1999 - 12:00:44 EDT

Felicitaciones Javier by your comments on the
Bourges Festival Synthese!! I strongly agree
with you.
I am now writing a letter to send to Computer
Music Journal in reply to the statements of
Ludger Bruemmer (very wrong, in my opinion) appeared
in CMJ 23:1, where he says, among other things, that
the Synthese festival is "by now an institution" :-)
An institution of corruption and discrimination, surely.

Martin Fumarola

PS: Kevin, feel free to forward this message to the Bourges maffia.

"Javier Ruiz" <> wrote:
> Someone (Javier Ruiz??) just this week wrote a comment to the 'Finale' list
> about the recent Bourges festival. Some festival / conferences require
> that the composer attend (and frequently pay registration fees). But
> there are realities of production and travel etc.
Hey, Kevin, dont let anyone in Bourges to read my message ;)
I want to win a prize or two in the next 40 years.
It was just a weak complaint about the bare attention paid to the audience.
It is a festival made for themselves, kind of endogamy... Kind of "If people
wants to come to the concerts and listen, it is their fault".
For me it was shocking after having made 4.000 km by bus, plane, train and

Javier Ruiz

P.S. Excuse my poor English and non existent French.

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