Re: web teaching?

Subject: Re: web teaching?
Date: Sat Jul 31 1999 - 10:35:17 EDT

There are a number of pedagogical issues here. The first one, to me, is
that people should be used to do what people do best. A 'dictation'
course is (IMV) in most cases a waste of 'person' time, if the class has
more than 4 or 5 students. It is better for the instructor to deal with
problems of individual students than to take 'class' time with one or two
students having a great deal of difficulty.

In ea, what skills need human interaction, and what knowledge can be
acquired in a time-independent fashion? Once the student has done the
required readings and research, and listened to the assigned pieces, then
a meeting of people can work on problems of understanding and comprehension.

Web-based education can provide a classroom without walls, and a
distributed learning environment. It can also be free of the temporal
limitation of 'semesters'. If it's possible to 'time-delay' (sic) tv
shows, why not have 'time-delayed' educational opportunities.

Also (part of) web-based courses can allow for multiple sources of
information (and entertaining conflicting views or approaches), while
allowing for on-going discussions. IMV, all positive developments.

wot say?



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