Re: web teaching?

Subject: Re: web teaching?
From: dave solursh (
Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 23:57:56 EDT

        Hi Steve, sorry for responding so late, I am an Ea student that
uses the WWW to study at a distance. At first I basicaly used e-mail to
corispond with my professers, and used browsers to search and retrive data,
sounds and music I need for my studies. As my courses have progressed, I
have been able to actualy post my work, as sounds, images and text, so that
my professers as well as my classmates can experince what I have learned.
        I am now noticing that many Universities are offering courses, not
specificaly Music courses, as distance courses that make use of the
internet to exchange and search for info. Actualy one of the courses I am
working on right now "a music dictation course" (silly Tapes <<8-()>> )
will one day be available via the WWW.
        The only problem will be that the Prof will soon catch you
sleeping, in front on the "Telescreen."
        I am very thankfull for the forward thinking and effort extended by
my proffs. This type of study enables me to work, and afford to go to
school at the same time. The studio costs are killer though, but hay, you
don't have to book studio time!!!!!
        Little Dave.

>I am curious to restart a dialogue on how instructors in EA/CM/DM (see, I
>can still learn......) have incorporated using the WWW in their teaching.
>I'd be really interested in hearing 'field reports' on how some of the more
>active and participatory strategies (i.e. beyond exhorting students to go
>to particular sites) have actually worked out for instructors and their
>Besides, it might get us off the topic of those irritating competitions for
>a while......... ;-)


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