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Subject: Re: Opera electro-acoustrique
From: Javier Ruiz (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 21:25:51 EDT

Canary Islands, with a total population of 1.500.000 (and 15% of
unemployment) have TWO big symphony orchestras and an international music
festival with 10 million US$ budget per year (famous orchestras, pianists
and your good dose of Beethoven).
Number of computers available for the composition department at the
Conservatorio Superior de Música: ZERO
Number of scores in the library of the Conservatorio of, say, Messiaen,
Berio, Cage, Feldman, Ives, Varese, Schoenberg!: ZERO
Computer music books in the library of the Conservatorio: ZERO

My two euro-cents (the total budget for EAM we have this year).
Javier Ruiz (that obviously learned English in a public high-school)

> Unfortuneately Godfried, Belgium is not the only country with this problem,
> so does Australia. In addition to large expensive opera companies, we
> have 6 state funded symphony orchestras for a population of 18million, they
> receive a little over 30% of the ENTIRE arts budget of Australia.
> How much is this?...consider that if each of the orchestras were to forgo
> just 2 players, an additional AUD$500,000 could be diverted back into other
> forms of music making in Australia - each year!. This would represent an
> increase of around 70% on current levels of funding for music from the
> Australia Council.
> The operas, orchestras and some theatre and dance companies here are termed
> "Major organisations", and have their own fund. Due to large financial
> losses in these companies, a review of their operations has been conducted
> and is about to be released. The results should be available in later in
> the year on the following government website:
> then again, maybe they wont...;-)
> Lawrence
>>At 12:21 22-04-99 -0400, you wrote:
>>>Mérite réflexion...
>>>La guilde des musiciens de Montréal vient de loger une plainte formelle
>>>contre les producteurs de l'Opéra Notre-Dame de Paris. Tout
>>>l'accompagnement musical est effectué à partir d'une bande. Il n'y a pas
>>>une seule note jouée 'live'. mis-à-part les voix des chanteurs (et encore,
>>>m'aurait raconté un complice...).
>>>Le public sait-il qu'il va voir un spectacle de "musique mixte" (pour voix
>>>et bande) ? Opera electro-acoustique (évidemment avec un trait d'union et
>>>non pas electroacoustique, sans trait d'union) ?
>>Let's hope this will be the beginning only! The less musicians in the
>>opera, the better. Musicians should not be condemned to opera. Opera is a
>>reproductive medium, so tapes are by far more suitable to it and may
>>potentially bring down the costs of opera production to what it is really
>>For my country, were they are so stupid as to spending more than half of
>>the complete music budget on opera, it would be a first sign of
>>intelligence to replace musicians with tapes, and have money to spend on
>>real music production...
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