Re: IMHO, dat stat...

Subject: Re: IMHO, dat stat...
From: Sophia Male (
Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 16:09:59 EDT

Thank you Eric for that great tutorial. I understand a lot more now. And
think the minidisc is the best bet for my purposes, but I really oppose
"lossy" compression and all mediums that sacrifice art for the materials,
(don't get me started on the reformatting of films for TV) and the
miscommunication inherent in the process if what the sender sees is different
than what the receiver sees (in terms of JPEG). Who ever came up with the
idea that we experience the same anyway? ... So is there a mini disc without
the ATRAC compression?
The other thing I'm not quite sure about is the unbalanced vs. balanced stereo
mics. One distributes the sound envenly (thereby changing it) and the other
doesn't alter it at all?

thanks again and sorry to those who know this stuff like toothpaste


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