Re: The Youth Tag

Subject: Re: The Youth Tag
From: Combat Smurf (
Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 14:29:57 EDT

On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Anomalous Records Eric wrote:
> But anyhow, I think there are people out there out who are considered
> emerging (at least by peers), consider bernhard gunter who got a mention at
> PAE, who is over 35 but not gone through schools to learn all this stuff.
> But that sort of decision making begins to get too arbitrary and hard to
> apply rules to not allow it to get out of hand. Maybe better to limit
> something based on the first time they applied. Five years after their
> first application, they are not longer emerging.

Okay - but then you're getting into the whole dodgy area of women going
off to have babies, or indeed anyone taking time out to do something else
really. Better maybe to measure it by how much money, if any, the
composer has received for previous compositions (i.e. from competition
prizes, commissions, CD contracts/sales, bribes to please go away and
stop composing...)


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