Re: Source, Observances, etc

Subject: Re: Source, Observances, etc
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 10:43:12 EDT

Anomalous Records Eric wrote:

> At 10:25 AM -0400 7/24/99, KEVIN AUSTIN wrote:
> How many copies of 'Source' were printed? Recent
> >circulation figures of an esoteric journal like CMJ are in the 3,000
> >range ... and how many for Electronic Musician, Computer Musician (oops!)
> >Digital Musician, Keyboard Magazine ....
> I think Source was publishing a similar number, wasn't it?

The run was 2,000.

> Correct me if I am wrong Larry, but it seemed to me the
> drawing together was more the resultant quality music had not the means of
> production, as in the examples of magazines pointed out above.

Quality, yes. No remixes. Quoting the second sentence of our first
editorial statement: "SOURCE, a chronicle of the most recent and
often the most controversial scores, serves as a medium of communication
for the composer, the performer, and the student of the avant garde."

Larry Austin

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