Re: observing methodologies / PAE

Subject: Re: observing methodologies / PAE
Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 06:21:57 EDT

Jan replied:

>>(Please see the CEC site for some existing forms.) It is felt that the
>>composer needs to consent to having their piece in a public venue, where
>>it is possible to be copied.

>Perhaps some of the formats developed for commercial music >distribution
over the net can be used to set a time-limit >after which you cannot
listen to the file. Some of them also >encodes a watermark in the audio
part for extra security.

>Liquid Audio, SDMI, Microsoft and so on... > >You can at least limit the
risk to the same level as a >radio broadcast with these technologies.
Watermarking >may add some extra security. > >/Jan Larsson

Sorry about not being clear ... I was proposing the idea that the
composer consents to their work being available, and understands the
rules and guidelines. The way to 'time-limit' would be to have 3-minute
excerpts. (oooopps isn't this where I got on?)



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