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Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 03:02:27 EDT

At 10:25 AM -0400 7/24/99, KEVIN AUSTIN wrote:
>But things just aint the same (he was heard to mutter) ... There was a
>time when it would have been possible to put all of the 'new music'
>composers (including electronic music composers, and computer music
>composers), into a couple of jumbo jets. I guess we're talking 500 to
>1,500 people. How many copies of 'Source' were printed? Recent
>circulation figures of an esoteric journal like CMJ are in the 3,000
>range ... and how many for Electronic Musician, Computer Musician (oops!)
>Digital Musician, Keyboard Magazine ....

I think Source was publishing a similar number, wasn't it? In any case, I
think the magazines you mention are very different as they are very
specialized in one area of music. What I was trying to point out was that
Source seems to draw from many different area running from Harry Partch to
circuit diagrams. New music, electronic music, conceptual music,
indeterminant, live electronic, glass music, sound peotry, improvising
groups, etc. Correct me if I am wrong Larry, but it seemed to me the
drawing together was more the resultant quality music had not the means of
production, as in the examples of magazines pointed out above.

These are different times, but dealing with the music buying public I do
know there are still people who will buy electroacoustic and a variety of
other sounds. (Reminded of that bit in The Blues Brothers movie, though
with a new twist, "We've got both kinds of music here: electroacoustic and
acousmatic."). I think it possible to see parallels in electroacoustic
music and improvised music and between many other examples and many people
see this. I don't think specialization is the only direction, although it
is one reaction to deal with too much stuff out there.

Oh, about Dennis and software 'controlling' people's composing. No, there
is no devil in there, but when you give people so much of the same
equipment with so many similar built in choices, then tend to fall in the
same direction. Downside of technology. How many people really cook a
meal now with microwaves and instant meals now? A lot, but many people
have gotten pretty lazy and eating the same thing as everyone else. When
you had to build all your own equipment as you were relating, it meant
everyone had a different set up, whether they wanted it that way or not.
When you standardize equipment, you standardize results.

At 10:19 AM -0400 7/27/99, Darren Copeland wrote:
> They could request composers to submit five CDR copies of their
>submissions so that all of the jury members can go through the works
>privately in their own home over an extended period of time before coming
>together for discussion?

I easily get around 10-20 CDs a week to listen to. If someone gave me a
pile of 750 CDRs to go through, I think I would shoot them.

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