Re: The Youth Tag

Subject: Re: The Youth Tag
From: Combat Smurf (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 16:16:03 EDT

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Linda A. Seltzer wrote:

> I once met a woman older than 60 who was studying for an undergraduate
> degree in composition. Also, there was a man at my undergraduate
> university who had bilt a flourishing real estate business and
> who returned to the university as an older student to complete a
> music degree. I would prefer "emerging" to be defined by level of
> education completed rather than age. There will be more and more
> retired people living longer and wanting to start new directions
> in their lives.
> Linda

Well, absolutely. To assume that emerging composers will be under a
certain age implies the further assumption that they are extremely
single-minded people - knowing from an early age exactly what it is they
want to do, and allowing nothing else (family, friends, life.... or
worst of all, other interests...) to get in the way of this. I'm not
convinced that these utterly single-minded people (whoever they may be)
would necessarily be writing the best music anyway. Surely the richness
which may be brought to music by composers of differing experience
should be valued and catered for? To be honest, I can't see any reason
why this should really be so difficult (sorry Ian!).


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