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Subject: [Fwd: ANAT announce *resistant-media* listserv]
From: Ian Chuprun (ianc@sympatico.ca)
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 13:07:04 EDT

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Australian Network for Art and Technology wrote:

> !recombinant video!nomadic web!
> The Australian Network for Art and Technology,
> in association with Australian Perspecta99
> announce
> Resistant Media
> !listserv operational from 30 July 1999! subscribe now!
> subscribe to the list by sending a message to
> <Majordomo@autonomous.org>
> with the following command in the body of your email message:
> subscribe resistant-media
> Resistant Media is a project being undertaken by ANAT as part of
> Perspecta 99. It exists solely on the internet, as web exhibitions by
> participating artists and a listserv where the artists in this project, as
> well as artists and writers contributing to Perspecta, and the general
> public, will have an opportunity to discuss the politics of art and the
> internet, and develop tactical media strategies collaboratively. The
> Resistant Media website will also feature live streaming video and audio of
> the Perspecta 99 forum.
> The artists participating in this project are: Andrew Garton, Scot Mcphee,
> Melinda Rackham, Francesca da Rimini, Sam de Silva, Josephine Starrs and
> Rick Vermey. Each of the artists work with various strategies in online
> technologies.
> In the four weeks leading up to Perspecta (which opens on September 20), a
> number of the artists will be moderating, or provoking discussion on an
> email listserv. Everyone is welcome to contribute to this project by
> participating in the online discussion.
> Many international events now use listserv technologies to develop
> discussion and dialogue prior to and during conferences and symposia. This
> has rarely been done in an Australian context. The intention is for
> participants and audiences of Perspecta 99 to be able to develop
> conversations around the Perspecta 99 theme: Living Here Now: Art and
> Politics. Through an active participation with the public, this project
> addresses the question of how net artists, as activists, can engage with a
> wider audience.
> The discussion list for Resistant Media will also be complemented by a
> series of web based projects which address the possibilities and pitfalls
> of developing a politically grounded art practice through the Internet.
> "Resistant Media is a research project which critiques the assemblage and
> reassemblage of fragmented cultural images which drift through the grid of
> cultural possibility. It is an ongoing inquiry into whether it is even
> still possible to develop an art practice grounded in notions of politics
> through the internet." says curator of Resistant Media, and Director of the
> Australian Network for Art and Technology, Amanda McDonald Crowley.
> Scot Mcphee and his colleagues at Autonomous Organisation engage with very
> real current government policies regarding censorship and the internet in
> their work. Autonomous Organisation will be hosting the listserv
> discussion. The resistant-media web site is being designed by artist
> Melinda Rackham, renowned for her work on subtle.net.
> In his web work and on the listserv Scot Mcphee will moderate discussion
> around issues of censorship, art, sex, and death. Francesca da Rimini
> has collaborated with Ricardo Dominguez of the Zapatista movement and
> Michael Grimm, who developed a complimentary sound art work, to produce a
> poignant and poetic web 'environment'. Josephine Starrs will explore
> net.activism. "I am interested in exploring the tactics of hacking and
> crashing websites and whether new technologies have affected art activism."
> Starrs asks, "Is 'tactical media' a new movement with a fresh manifesto or
> simply an extension of the leftist activism of the sixties and seventies?"
> Sam da Silva will develop discussions around whether art discourse can lead
> to social change and Andrew Garton is keen to develop actions for planning
> and producing media action. Through his work, Rick Vermey will explore the
> possibilities of the internet as a site of cultural exchange.
> The key question being addressed though this project is whether notions of
> resistant media are simply self-serving, or whether artists, as activists,
> can utilise communications technologies in order to reach their target
> audiences. Or do we simply communicate with ourselves?
> This will be an ongoing project for the duration of Perspecta 99. Its
> success is contingent on collaboration!
> For more information, send an email to : majordomo@autonomous.org with
> "info resistant-media" in the body of the message, or visit
> http://www.anat.org.au/resistant-media.
> Contact for the listserv is : owner-resistant-media@autonomous.org
> For further information or interviews, contact:
> Amanda McDonald Crowley, tel: 0419 829 313 e: amanda@anat.org.au
> 20 August - 4 October 1999
> http://www.anat.org.au/resistant-media
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