Job posting

Subject: Job posting
From: Yves Gigon (ygigon@CAM.ORG)
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 10:14:32 EDT

-> Technical director for the Internet Archive

So you downloaded the entire World Wide Web and then erased it by
accident. Way to go! Lucky for the rest of us, the Internet Archive has
100 terabytes of it backed up. The Internet Archive, a nonprofit
organization that has been archiving the Web and other Internet objects
for a kind of giant, public digital library, needs a technical director
to help make sense out of all this data. This certain someone will
develop information architectures, hire and manage technical staff, and
deal with vendors. If you're interested, send email to
This job is in the historic Presidio in San Francisco, California.


Yves Gigon

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