Re: observing methodologies / PAE

Subject: Re: observing methodologies / PAE
From: Katharine Norman (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 08:14:36 EDT

>Katherine, are you proposing an open, visible, public and accountable
>process!! <<<<8-(())>>>>>*!rf>>>!*o)>>>>

>You don't stand much chance of making it _really_ big time in the old boys
>network with an attitude (problem) like that!

oh damn, I forgot
no, actually I just meant that juries could engage in their bitter, twisted
machinations via email, not necessarily in public (though the thought is

(er, perhaps could you boys please note the visible, public and accountable
spelling of my name, if you don't mind me know I hate to fuss,
er sorry...don't get cross just get on...hmm ;-)


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