Re: observing methodologies / PAE

Subject: Re: observing methodologies / PAE
From: jan.larsson (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 08:05:04 EDT

At 12.59 +0200 99-07-29, KEVIN AUSTIN wrote:
>How much does it cost to transfer 25 pieces (75 minutes)? Two /
>three hours of studio time? 30 CDs (eg) = 60 - 90 hours. (?)

You could always use compression, like MP3, to allow much more
time on each CD. About x10.

The downside is that you need a computer to listen (same with
net distribution). The upside that you can include other material
like info on the artists etc. (as HTML-pages which would allow
help with navigation and finding the works on the CD).

/Jan Larsson

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