"Echo" (interdisciplinary e-journal on music)

Subject: "Echo" (interdisciplinary e-journal on music)
From: Lisa Whistlecroft (L.Whistlecroft@lancaster.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 07:08:47 EDT

The soundscapes bit of this may mean it's of interest... Sorry if everyone
else already knew about it!


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>From: Jacqueline Warwick <warwick@HUMnet.UCLA.EDU>
>ECHO: a music-centered journal
>"Echo repeats the last words spoken, and gives back the sounds she has
> (From Ovid's Metamorphoses)
> The desire to understand how music works is not the exclusive
>domain of musicologists; indeed, music is an integral part of cultural
>experience for all people. *ECHO: a music-centered journal* is a forum
>for discourse about music in which voices from a variety of disciplines
>speak. ECHO explores our relationship to music in movement, time, and
>space, with the critical theories of dance, film, architecture, design,
>sociology, and cultural studies. Contributors amplify music's power by
>investing it with new meanings, and give back the sounds they have heard.
> We invite contributions about musics and musical experiences from
>all disciplines. Possible areas of interest might include:
> The Urban Soundscape;
> Music and Migration;
> Music and the Body;
> Music-Public and Private.
>Submissions may address musics from any historical, geographic, or
>cultural moment.
> As a web-based journal, ECHO can include sound in its articles
>(rather than depending entirely on conventional notation), as well as
>movement examples and color illustrations. New issues are put on-line
>biannually, and each issue contains articles and reviews of both music and
>artistic projects about music, as well as memoirs and interviews.
>Submissions for articles follow The MLA Handbook of Style. A single hard
>copy of all necessary materials can be sent to:
>ECHO: a music-centered journal
>Department of Musicology
>University of California, Los Angeles
>UCLA Box 951623
>Los Angeles, CA 90095
>For instructions on electronic submissions, please email:

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